What is Required of Me/My Organization?

  1. Begin the planning by completing the initial planning form and have a school/organization administrator sign the agreement form.
  2. Make arrangements to engage the following staff:
    • School/organization administrator to give the welcome and review student conduct expectations at the beginning of the workshop
    • School counselor to administer the Career Cluster Assessment during the breakout sessions and give a brief presentation on school courses, programs and resources that students can access to further develop their plan
    • School/organization representative who will be present during the entire workshop to monitor student behavior and make sure that students are properly engaged
  3. Arrange for a planning meeting with all staff who will be involved in the execution and follow up of the workshop.
  4. Identify students who will participate in the workshop and make arrangements for any classes they will miss. Notify teachers of classes students will miss.
  5. Make any necessary room and A/V equipment reservations.
  6. Check to see if photo release forms are on file for participating students, or send MLMP contact the names of students who have NOT given permission to be photographed.
  7. Send parking/building entry directions and youth profile to MLMP contact.
  8. Send a list of students who are expected to attend at least one week prior to the workshop.
  9. Prepare copies of all workshop materials.
  10. Set up the room and materials – room must be ready at least 30 minutes prior to the beginning of the workshop.
  11. Deliver a set of all completed “My Next Steps,” student evaluation forms and final attendance list to MLMP contact upon completion of the workshop.
  12. Work with My Life! My Plan! to create a plan on how follow up will be conducted.  Report follow up activities to My Life! My Plan! team by the end of the school year.