Coach Testimonials

Introducing… Rockwell Automation

Rockwell 1

“Participating in My Life! My Plan! allowed me to provide a first hand account of what working in a manufacturing environment is truly like.  Being involved in manufacturing my entire professional career I was able to provide that first hand account allows for interaction and engagement that may not be achievable through other educational channels.

I feel the students I worked with walked away with an awareness of opportunities that are specific to some of their interests.  In addition a general understanding of what working in a manufacturing environment is like and some of the benefits of pursuing a career in this field.

Careers in manufacturing are not a consideration for many young people today.  In order to maintain the manufacturing infrastructure that we have in the United States we need young skilled people with a passion to work in an industry like manufacturing.  This is important if we want to maintain our strong manufacturing presence and keep pace with many of the countries that are rapidly evolving in this area.

I would recommend others get involved if there is a passion and a true enjoyment for the industry in which they work.  The experience can be rewarding by helping young adults create a vision of their future and something to look and work forward to.”  – Brad Arenz

Introducing… ManpowerGroup

“This was a really good experience assisting students with taking charge of their future and their lives. I really enjoyed working with the students and watching them as they were excited about going to college and choosing the right fit. I will remember the kids – they were so entertaining. I learned that students have different opportunities than I had when I was their age. I would definitely want to do this volunteer activity in the future.” – Akia Harmon


“This was an exciting opportunity to impart on the students the options that are there for them after high school.  I offered suggestions for their particular career choices beyond the obvious. It was nice to work with foreign students who were from another country and excited about their future.  One young lady, named  Naw Paw, “Flower” who was the translator, was very helpful and energetic.  She translated beautifully and the other 2 students seemed to understand what I was saying.  I was able to suggest volunteer opportunities to one student who wanted to be a registered nurse, which she had never thought about.  I truly enjoyed both times I have volunteered with this group.” – Josie Hymes

“This workshop was a great experience for these high school students. I believe the workshop was not only motivating, but also inspiring. I was inspired! These students are driven, hardworking, and committed to making a change in their lives. The students I worked with were exceptional, and melted my heart with their kindness to others and devotion to making a difference.” – Katelynn Schneider

Introducing… Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District

“We chose to participate in My Life! My Plan! to assist students with making the connection with water-based/environmental careers.  In the future, it will be essential for young adults to have the skills and qualifications required to pursue water-based/environmental careers, specifically with the number of jobs that will be available.  In addition, we wanted to help young adults focus on a career path and help show students how important education and knowledge are to their futures.

Students identified their interests and were able to answer survey questions that directed them to a career path that would suit them the most and be a good fit.  Students were coached by professionals and were made aware of the importance of education and identifying a career path early on in their high school years.

Businesses are helping to prepare students that may one day be motivated to pursue a career in their local area businesses.  Businesses should dedicate themselves and their resources to the youth of the future.  There is an alignment with future business needs and qualified candidate pools.

We both would recommend the program because you can help students identify their future career paths and passions in a meaningful and valuable way.  It is a very rewarding program for both professionals and students.  Many of these students may not have direct access to business professionals without this type of program and initiative.”  – Lilly Jovic  and Katie Gibson

Introducing… Accenture


“Going into My Life My Plan I didn’t know what to expect. Before I went, I actually wanted to stay home. I’m glad I went. I was able to help students, directly, with my experiences. This means a lot for high school kids, especially the ones that don’t have a specific dream. If you don’t have a dream out of high school, it can be rather disheartening. I went through this myself. We should be honored to be able to have an influence on our future! I am glad I went, and will take part of this every time that I can.” – Phil Case

“Not only did I get to participate and see how excited students were to plan their futures, but I realized how much life experience I had to share with these young men and women.  We both came out the session enriched.” – Laurie A Frey

Introducing… Peter McDermott 

Peter McDermottHello! My name is Peter McDermott.  Currently, I am in my third year of college at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. It wasn’t too long ago that I was in high school – so I have fresh in my mind how difficult getting ready to be a high school graduate can be. Students are faced with a lot of daunting decisions, all the while still dealing with everything that comes with being a teenager. Unfortunately, many students are unaware of all the great resources they have to make those decisions easier. That’s part of the reason why I enjoy working with My Life! My Plan! It is fulfilling to know that I am making a difference in exposing the students to these resources, as well as helping them get started towards a bright future.
My area of study at UWM is Social Work, with a concentration in School Social Work. “I am passionate about working with high school students because, like I said, I know being a teenager is not easy – and I want to help them not only with figuring out the right steps to take after graduating, but also to help them deal with their day to day struggles and issues. Beyond that, I love all the energy that this age group brings. It has honestly made my time volunteering with My Life! My Plan! extremely enjoyable, and I look forward to every workshop I am able to participate in.”

   Introducing… Phil Owsley           phil pic

Hello! My name is Phil Owsley! Shortly after graduating from college I sensed a compelling desire to work with young people in the primary and secondary school setting.  My college major in Psychology and Sociology gave me some helpful background to continue on and pursue a graduate degree in counseling and I finished my formal training at UW-Milwaukee.  While looking for work in the educational setting I found related employment, working for a mental health agency in Milwaukee’s inner city as a psychotherapist. After a year, I secured a position as an Elementary School Counselor.   My final 7 years prior to retirement were spent at the High School level, also as a counselor.  I retired 2 years ago after 32 years of working for the School District of New Berlin.  One of my long-term goals includes volunteering in areas I feel I can contribute and make a difference in young people’s lives…volunteering in programs such as My Life! My Plan! The students we work with on a daily basis are a precious commodity in whose hands we will eventually entrust our future.  It is critical that we invest in developing their potential.  Thus, it will only pay dividends if we are faithfully committed with our time and love on behalf of our young people.

Phil has volunteered for 26 workshops! The My Life! My Plan! would like to thank him for his commitment to the program, as well as his true dedication to assisting youth in the Milwaukee community recognize and pursue their academic and career goals. Thanks Phil!

If you are interested in becoming a My Life! My Plan! Career Coach, please check out our upcoming workshops here:

Introducing… Kimberly EasleyKim Easley

Hello! My name is Kimberly Easley and I am currently a fulltime graduate student attending Mt. Mary University where I am studying School Counseling. I aspire to work in the near future as a Professional School Counselor at the high school level, cultivating career, academic, and social/personal growth of students. I formerly worked a number of years as a healthcare recruiter and coordinator of the INROADS internship program within the organization. I am a product of MPS and alum of the former Solomon Juneau Business High School. I am originally from Modesto, California, but have established myself as a vibrant resident in Milwaukee, WI.

When asked about her experiences with the My Life! My Plan! program, this was her inspirational response:

“I would definitely endorse the idea [of My Life! My Plan!] because the experience is truly rewarding and adds value to our growth and development as students. There is a saying by the great Maya Angelou that goes: ‘If you learn, TEACH; If you get, GIVE.’ Serving as a Career Coach with the My Life! My Plan! workshops has been an opportunity to exemplify just that. I have not only enjoyed engaging with diverse groups of students, but have also valued the many instances to guide and share experiences in hopes of inspiring the career interests and exploration of these students. To take part in that experience, in addition to witnessing the excitement among the students as they begin to learn more about themselves and career interests is what inspires me to continue to support this program. It has truly been a fulfilling and rewarding experience.”