Benefits to Involvement

Top 5 reasons for your business to get involved in My Life! My Plan!

  1. Your business has a hard time finding employees prepared for the workplace – even in terms of general employability or soft skills.
  2. You can’t find enough skilled/qualified people to fill open positions in your business.
  3. Part of your mission statement is to make a difference in your community, especially in the areas of education, addressing poverty and/or workforce development.
  4. You want to create more brand recognition in the community.
  5. Your employees are looking for a great opportunity for a team building or professional development experience.

By supporting My Life! My Plan!, you help thousands of Milwaukee-area high school students to begin making critical career and education plans. When students begin this process early in their high school career, they are more likely to make better decisions for their future and be more apt to pursue the in-demand jobs your volunteers feature through their participation as “Career Coaches.”