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What is My Life! My Plan!?


My Life! My Plan! is a Milwaukee Talent Dividend-sponsored workshop geared toward exposing high school youth to a variety of large and small group activities that will help them connect the dots between education and career pathways.  Business professionals are trained as “Career Coaches” to assist 2-4 youth as they take an online career assessment, and explore career pathways through various tools (e.g.,, etc.).  A Milwaukee Talent Dividend workshop facilitator leads the coaches and youth through exercises about post-secondary education and training options that will help the youth formulate the next steps they should undertake to get ready for their future career.

The Milwaukee Talent Dividend and its My Life! My Plan! workshop are an initiative of the Greater Milwaukee Committee.



The mission of My Life! My Plan! is to give youth, and their families, access to resources and information that will empower them to make informed decisions about their education and career choices by:

  • Learning about career clusters and pathways, especially the pathways that will lead to jobs in southeastern Wisconsin (e.g. Advanced Manufacturing, Water Industry, Food and Beverage)
  • Providing mentors from the business community who can help guide them through career and education decisions (career coaches)
  • Having access to programs, information and resources that will help them design a PLAN for their career and education pathway.


More resources
My Life! My Plan! pitch deck (click here to download presentation below in PDF)

My Life! My Plan! one-pager (click here to download as a PDF; click on image to enlarge)
MLMP one-pager